Report of a bug in solaris – splash image missing

I recently installed the Solaris build 79 and found a small bug in it.
During the installation part of solaris, a few splash images as slides come up.
The images are given below :

Just check the last picture.
The slide image is not shown at all!!!!!!

Please do check this out.


Bug ID: 6613845 —- My first bug fix accepted

Hi all of you..

I am really happy..
My first bug was accepted!!!!!

I will just brief you all about the bug. I hope you understand what i post here..

Synopsis of this bug is ( link to the bug ):

setlog(), daemonize_start() should use STD{ERR,OUT}_FILENO constants

Bug description:

 In a couple places in startd, we dup2() to hard-coded file descriptor numbers.
We should be using the symbolic constants for these values instead.

I know that you did not understand what the above meant. It was the same case with me when i saw it first time!!! LOL.

So i spent a lot of time working on it, knowing what the bug meant.

What the bug meant is that in several places in startd (This is the one in that starts up services and hence it is in the smf – service management framework – section of opensolaris) we use hard-coded values instead of the variables.

The three hard-coded file descriptors are:


So what I had to do is, change the hard-coded 1 (or) 2 (or) 3 to the respective variables.

And now the bug is fixed!!!