3D desktop : Compiz fusion 0.5.2 easy install for Solaris

3D desktop : Compiz fusion 0.5.2 easy install for Solaris
Information from: http://blogs.sun.com/erwann/

Compiz 0.5.2 and compiz fusion 0.5.2 are now available as a one step install script for solaris x86.



Compiz fusion is the result of the compiz-beryl merge. It includes all the extra plugins available for 0.5.0 plus many many more !

Compiz fusion also delivered a more flexible and more robust settings manager called CompizConfig Settings Manager.As DRI enabled intel drivers were delivered in Solaris build 70. Compiz is now working on both nvidia and intel. ATI drivers should be available soon too πŸ™‚

Can I run it on my machine ?

To check that you’re system can run compiz you can use my hardware check script.

you can also run it by pasting the following command line in a terminal :

/usr/sfw/bin/wget -O - http://www.gnome.org/~erwannc/compiz/compiz-on-solaris-check.perl | /usr/bin/perl

How do I install it ?

just download the install script and run it.
It will :
– check you have the right hardware
– remove the previous version of compiz installed on the machine
– install the new packages
– modify you X server configuration file

then logout and back in JDS and click on the “Run Compiz 3D deskop” icon.

To enable and changes plugins behavior run preferences -> CompizConfig Settings Manager or ccsm from the command line.

If you have problems with the install script you can also just extract the solaris packages from the script by supplying the -x argument.

I didn’t have access to any intel machine running Opensolaris b70 locally in Grenoble. So I’m not promising the xorg.conf modifications will
work out of the box. email me if you have problems, I’ll rev up my install script πŸ™‚

If you had compiz 0.5.0 installed on your machine previously you’ll need to reset the gconf settings for each user.
you the following command as the user : gconftool-2 –recursive-unset /apps/compiz
otherwise compiz is likely to fail as plugin names and settings have changed.

How do I use it ?

Here are few tips :
– workspace expo mode : move the mouse at the top left corner of the screen
– expo mode : move the mouse at the top right corner of the screen
– cube : ctrl + alt :
+ mouse button 1 for the spinning cube with reflection
+ left or right arrow to which workspace
+ down arrow for workspace expo mode
– switcher : Diamond (or windows key) + Tab to which window
– water ripple : shift + F9 to start and stop
– snow : Diamond (or windows key) + F3 to start and stop
– fire paint (!!) : shift + Diamond (or windows key) + mouse button 1 to start
shift + Diamond (or windows key) + c to clean up
More generally to figure out the keybindings for each plugin run CompizConfig Settings Manager and check the Actions tab.

Where are the sources, how do I compile it ?

The spec files sources can be found as usual in spec-file-extra. The compile order is the following :
This will create the 21 packages required πŸ˜‰

Enjoy !


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