The love of a friend

The love of a friend is
like no other.

This kind of love is not
the kind that smothers.

It teaches us that we need
to give more than get.

And that friendship is not
something to forget.

The love of friendship will
grow with time.

And will continue
throughout your prime.

The love of friendship is
unselfish and kind.

It is truly a treasure to

It takes constant attention
and care.

But if you’ve found the
love of friendship, surely you’ll share.

Lots of people need the
love of friendship in their lives.

So find a person in whom
love will thrive.

Help spread the love of

Please send this page to
everyone you know. If you get it back, you know you have a true friend!


Mystical Ball

Have you ever seen this website before:

If you haven’t, then go there now and take a look. See if you can figure out how that “crystal ball” can “read your mind”.

I must have tried this 20 times until I finally figured it out…I don’t wantto spoil the answer by putting it here, so when you give up take a look at the solution by Clicking here

Report of a bug in solaris – splash image missing

I recently installed the Solaris build 79 and found a small bug in it.
During the installation part of solaris, a few splash images as slides come up.
The images are given below :

Just check the last picture.
The slide image is not shown at all!!!!!!

Please do check this out.

Chaos Theory – Nitin Nagaraj

Nitin Nagaraj Sir had come down here from Bengalooru and spoke to us about Chaos Theory…
He just finished his talk about this.

Nithin Nagaraj
School of Natural and Engineering Sciences
National Institute of Advanced Studies
IISc. Campus
Bangalore 560 012

Well…I will tell you how this started off…

Yesterday, we had a small discussion on “Purpose of life”. This was given by S. Jagannathan, Faculty Associate, General Management, Amrita School Of Business, Coimbatore.

He told us that the purpose of life is to get happiness.
How by saying happiness, it is the ultimate happinesses and not the joy of getting something that you craved for.
Scientifically/ mathematically, we can prove that the thing you crave for is not the thing getting you happiness.

You can say that you get happiness if :

1. It 1 unit of that thing gives you happiness, the 100 units of the same thing should make you happy.
Eg: If you become happy once you get a chocolate, the 100 of those chocolates also should make you happy!!! But you would be in the hospital once you eat 3 or 4 of those..

2. The happiness should last for ever.
On getting the chocolate, you should be happy always

Well there are a few more things but i dont really remember them.

So what Sir said was about the ULTIMATE happiness of life.

Here Nithin sir also poped into the discussion and we came to know that he was doing research on chaos theory.

And so, we were like curious to know what really this chaos theory is….

I just got this nice piece of info on Chaos Theory from wikipidea

In mathematics and physics, chaos theory describes the behavior of certain nonlinear dynamical systems that may exhibit dynamics that are highly sensitive to initial conditions (popularly referred to as the butterfly effect). As a result of this sensitivity, which manifests itself as an exponential growth of perturbations in the initial conditions, the behavior of chaotic systems appears to be random. This happens even though these systems are deterministic, meaning that their future dynamics are fully defined by their initial conditions, with no random elements involved. This behavior is known as deterministic chaos, or simply chaos.

Google visits Amritapuri

Google’s Head of Marketing & Monetization, Mr. Gopi Kallayil visited the Amrita University, Amritapuri Campus this day.

He gave a small, powerful and a very interesting talk (it was more of a discussion/a session) on how Google originated, the Google’s inside story, technologies from Google and how it functions. He also spoke about how the adsense and adwords function.

Mr. Gopi Kallayil is a strong follower of AMMA (Mata Amritanandamayi Devi )

A lil’ about Gopi KallayilGopi Kallayil
Head of Marketing
Google AdSense

Gopi Kallayil leads the AdSense marketing team at Google. Gopi and his team work with Internet publishers in launching new products, increasing the user experience on content sites, and helping publishers monetize their content.

Prior to joining Google, Gopi was Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Nextance an enterprise Contract Management Software startup and a founding management team member at Allegrix, an Application Software Provider that was acquired by Progress Software. Gopi has been a consultant with McKinsey & Co. where he worked on engagements helping the management teams of large corporations improve business performance and maximize revenues. In addition, Gopi has led large Information Technology projects for global corporations while working for Syntel in the U.S. and Hutchinson Whampoa in Hong Kong.

Gopi earned his BE degree in Electronics Engineering from the National Institute of Technology in India and MBA degrees from the Indian Institute of Management and The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

PS: I will be uploading the photos shortly….

Contributing to OpenSolaris Source code – Mini How to

Contributing to OpenSolaris Source code – Mini How to

Updating the files…..

Easy install bundle for compiz fusion 0.6 + emerald 0.5.2

Easy install bundle for compiz fusion 0.6 + emerald 0.5.2
Thanks to Albert‘s port, updated version of compiz and compiz-fusion are available in the spec-file-extra repository 🙂

You’ll find below a new easy install bundle of compiz 0.6.2, compiz-fusion 0.6.2 and emerald 0.5.2 for Solaris build 75a (and later) based distro.

You can check if this release will work on your machine by running my little check up script. You can either downloading it or
run this from a terminal :

/usr/sfw/bin/wget -O - | /usr/bin/perl

You can then download and run my install script.

This new release doesn’t include many new visible changes in term of plugins or configuration tools. See release notes for compiz & compiz fusion for details.

But new packages have been added to the bundle :
– fusion-icon : It’s a little app that sites in the gnome panel tray that allow you to easily change window manager and window decorator. Also allows to access the various configurations tools.
– emerald : It’s a custom window decorator. More details can be found here.

Once the install and configuration is finished you can start compiz via Applications>System Tools>Compiz Fusion Icon. This will start start compiz and add a compiz fusion icon in the tray area of the panel

fusion icon tray menu

You can then select which window manager and which window decorator you want to use easily.
NOTE : I found this app a buggy. So you can still use the start-compiz and stop-compiz command line tool. also note that you need /usr/sbin in your path to run fusion-icon.
(update 9/11/07 I’ve ported fusion-icon to solaris all features are working as expected now)
you can also change window decorator from the command line when compiz is running by using either gtk-window-decorator –replace or emerald –replace.

Enjoy 🙂